What Makes DA CUTTING EDGE different?


Cutting, curling, temporary and permanent straighten, styling, hair colouring and much more. Our professional stylists are fully trained and experienced - we know what we are doing.

Hair cuts

Hair colour

Hair styles

Fringe - $10.00

Flicks - $15.00

One-length - $20.00

U cut/V cut - $30.00

Wedge blunt - $45.00

Steps - $50.00

Feather - $55.00

Layers - $60.00

Hi-steps - $65.00

Root touch up from - $60.00

Global from - $70.00

Highlights from - $70.00

Blow dry setting - $35.00

Temporary straightening from -$35.00

Curling from - $40.00

Hot Rollers from - $50.00

Permanent Straightening from -$250.00

Rebounding from - $150.00


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal using a thin (cotton or polyester) thread, which rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Advantages cited for eyebrow threading, as opposed to eyebrow waxing, are that it provides more precise control in shaping eyebrows and is more  gentle on the skin.

Threading Prices

Upper lip - $7.00

Forehead - $8.00

Eyebrows - $12.00

Eyebrow + Upper Lip - $17.00

Side face threading - from $12

Eyebrow tinting - $12

Eyelash tinting - $12

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting- $20

Eyelash Perming - $45

Eyebrow + Upper Lip + Forehead - $22.00

Full face - $40.00

Eyebrow tinting - $10.00

Eyebrow + lashes tinting - $15.00


Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root. New hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for four to six weeks, although some people will start to see regrowth in only a week due to some of their hair being on a different growth cycle. There are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair.

Waxing Prices

Eyebrow - $20.00

Upper lip - $20.00

Full face - $35.00

Half arm - $20.00

Full arm - $30.00

Side face - from $15.00

Belli -$25.00

Underarm - $12.00

Half leg - $30.00

Full leg - $50.00

Back - $25.00

Full back - $50.00

Full body - $150.00

Bikini - $20.00

Full face waxing - $40.00

Three Fourth Arm - $25.00

Three-Fourth Leg - $35.00


The traditional Indian massage techniques are based on the ayurvedic doshas and marmas (pressure points like in reflexology). Indian head massage is great for relieving the stress and tension in our everyday lives.  The technique uses controlled movements and has a strong effect on the three higher chakras – the mind, body and spirit.  The Chakra is the energy vortex that we need to remain striving and because the massage works on the neck and shoulders, tension is relieved almost instantly. During the massage, the client remains seated and fully clothed.  The therapist will then stand behind or slightly to the side of the client to perform the massage.  A treatment session usually last for thirty minutes.

Massage Prices

Hot Oil Massage $30 (25 min)

Hair Spa/Nourishment treatment- From $60

Anti-Hair fall treatment from - $65.00

Anti-Dandruff treatment from - $65.00

Hand and foot massage - $40.00

Henna (for hair) - from $50


Facial massage is a natural facelift through massage. It is designed to be a gentle non-invasive approach to look young. It works primarily by freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue. Face massage is something that you must indulge in as it has multiple benefits.  A face massage involves forehead, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, chin, jawline, and neck, behind the ears and, at times, scalp too.


Facial Prices

Mini Facial

Bamboo Detox $45

fruit facial $55

Advanced treatment with frequency $65

gold facial $80

Fruit facial - $50.00

Insta Glow facial $65

Papaya facial - $60.00

Acne facial with frequency -$60.00

De-Pigmentation facial - $65.00

Hussain Oxy facial - $75.00

Hussain Pearl facial - $80.00

Hussain Thermo facial -$80.00

Hussain Honey facial - $80.00

Hussain Aroma facial - $95.00

Hussain Gold facial - $75.00

Nourishing facial - $55.00

Anti-tan facial - $50.00

Hair colour - root touch up from 65



Henna tattoos are non-permanent dying or staining on the top layer of skin using a henna paste product, the process is called Mehndi. They are basically safe for teens. The tattoos are generally an intricate design and brown in colour. They will fade in time, about 2-4 weeks, depending on the type of henna that has been used and your teens' care of the area that was tattooed.

Henna Tattoo Prices

Normal mehndi from - $30.00

Bridal mehndi from - $50.00

Henna tattoo from - $10.00


Light make up/Simple make up -$50

Party Make up-$70



Manicure- $20


Gold bleach -$30

Oxy bleach- $35

Nail shape+ Polish -$20

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